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Read what some of the world's finest guitarists have to say about "Oyster Light"

Tony McManus - "My first awareness of Randal was the exquisite backing he provided to Martin Hayes landmark debut album- guitar playing so precise, so appropriate that I studied it in great detail. Only later did I get the full measure of Mr Bays' phenomenal musicality both as a player of guitar as melody instrument and also as an excellent fiddler in command of a huge repertoire of tunes both familiar and not so.

As a guitarist Randal brings to bear a deep and grounded understanding of the essence of the tune as well as fabulous technique. Indeed, these work together to produce great music that is both original and idiomatic. This is a serious contribution to making the guitar sing within the tradition we love. Good on ye!"

Daithi Sproule - "Randal's apparently effortless command of the guitar, profound knowledge of the music, and impeccable taste and flair form, in my opinion, a combination unequalled in the field of Irish/Celtic music -- I am so happy he has produced this CD of his beautiful playing -- I know you will love it."

Dennis Cahill - "Great tune selection coupled with elegant, tasteful  playing; a beautiful guitar CD."

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